Get your hands on a piece of the future

NFT Virtual Lands Sold for as Low as 10¢ per Square Meter

Gas fees are at the buyer's expense.

What is Opolovee?

Opolvoee is a future NFT investment opportunity, a conceptual virtual world that is set to evolve into a multidimensional metaverse project in the near future.

Road Map

A Road to the Metaverse

Creation of the map

We’ve already gone through the process of generating the map of Opolove and added in all the main landmarks .The map is divided into regions, which are further divided into states, towns and village

Pre-selling Lands

We are currently pre-selling allocated virtual lands to those interested in investing in Opolovee project. Every ownership of land is unique and has been manually put together by our team.

Discord Communities

We're launching discord communities for all major cities. All owners and members of these groups will be able to chat and discuss topics of interest. to them.

Metaverse foundation

Once we hit our sales goals, the project will continue to grow and develop until it becomes a multidimensional metaverse. We plan to create facilities and features for owners to develop their virtual property, and provide them with an all-inclusive virtual world experience.